NRA National Rifle Association, strong pro-gun organization

ACHP Alaska Concealed Handgun Permit

CCW Carry Concealed Weapons, common name for ACHP

PPF Personal Protection Firearms class, qualifies for ACHP

DCM Department of Civilian Marksmanship, federal government
organization formed for marksmanship training. In 1996 it
was privatized and is now the Civilian Marksmanship
Program (CMP).

IPSC International Practical Shooting Confederation, world body
governs practical shooting and consists of over 50
counties and growing 

USPSA United States Practical Shooting Association, U.S.
Division of IPSC, governs competitions in the US

AREA 1 First of eight geographic areas that constitutes USPSA 

ALASKA SECTION Alaska portion of Area 1 of USPSA